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Friday, September 28, 2012

October and November nail polish premiers

It's almost October! I've launched the Halloween Line and the Firefly Line already, and I'm planning what'll come out next month. So far, barring sudden changes in the muse, shipping or supplies, here's what I've got:

  • Early on: Doctor Who Line: Tardis, Control Room, Console, Time Vortex
  • Later: Thanksgiving: Probably named after classic parts of the Thanksgiving dinner, or else super-jewel-toned harvest colors. Maybe both, if I can get the supplies.
  • Possibles: Likely some additions to the Halloween line--probably opaque versions of the current sheers; if they're up in the first week or so, it's a go.
  • Official Opening Day / Grand Opening color. Undecided on actual color, but it'll have lots of celebratory glitter!
In November, I'm looking at:
  • Commemorative colors for my Sister and my Niece's birthdays, and maybe my Dad's
  • The first of the Christmas / Winter Holiday colors, with more the closer to Christmas we get, and then toward the end, the New Years Glitter Bombs
  • Somewhere around the middle, The Hobbit
  • If there's still time, the first of the Downton Abbey classy post-Victorian colors (if not, this'll probably wait until January, because December will be busy!)
Stay tuned for the December launches, news and release announcements!
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