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Upcoming Polishes!

UPDATE 8-6-14
So I totally missed July because June was so late, so I'm going to be doing something different for this quarter: I'm just going to list what I want to get done in July-August-Sept, rather than breaking it down by specific months, what with only being able to do big update when there's big sales, and not ever knowing when the big sales will happen!

So here's 2014 Third Quarter!

  • More nebulas, if I can figure out ones that won't mix to, you know, grey or brown
  • Alien
  • Mars / Leo and Asteroids / Virgo and Jupiter / Libra
  • Princess Bride
  • Spirited Away and / or My Neighbor Totoro
  • Farscape
  • Guardians of the Galaxy, definitely, and some other big movies coming out in the end of summer here
  • Kawaii Kolors
  • Last Unicorn and / or Neverending Story
  • Some additions to Dresden, Gargoyles, and some other book series I love
  • Supermoon 2, and maybe some other celestial events (there's lots of meteor showers in fall...)
  • Frozen (though I might move this back to Q4 for winter...)
  • Probably some more random polish-based crafty things
  • A second fall harvest set, since I didn't do one last year
  • Books read
  • New SCIENCE! colors! Cosmos told me about so many scientists I've never heard of before, and they're waiting patiently to be translated into colors.
Any requests for fandoms and book series and geeky ideas and 80s or 90s stuff you'd like to see? I'll be lining up Q4 while I work through Q3, and it's still pretty open!

UPDATE 3-22-14
Dudes, totally feel free to talk to me about anything you'd like to see in my shop! I can do custom orders, or, if it's something I've been really wanting, I can totally add it to the pipeline!

Here's what I have planned for the nonce. subject to change or rearrangement:


  • The first of the LobbyGirls colors OR more of the Troublemakers, depending how inspiration strikes*
  • A Dragonriders of Pern set of some sort
  • A Gargoyles set based on that wildly under-appreciated cartoon that I want to see back on TV SO BADLY
  • Probably at least a start of a Watchmen set
  • The start of a planetary set, starting at Mercury
  • A couple movie-colors, Captain America 2, at least!


  • A birthday special edition for me! Because it's my birthday!
  • Lots of dragons from all sorts of dragonly-things because I like dragons.
  • A bunch of geeky movie-colors (X-Men, Melefecent, Spiderman 2, probs Godzilla)
  • Venus for the Planetary Set
  • Gemini as the start of a western zodiac set


  • Something for the Midsummer Solstice and something super summery, color-wise
  • The graduation color I made last year at this time when I graduated, and never released
  • Earth for the Planetary Set
  • Cancer for the Zodiac
  • More geeky movies! 

* LobbyGirls were my wonderful geeky witchy hippie awesome undergrad friends-group who I still adore and who I miss dearly; Troublemakers were my wonderful writerly geeky silly awesome gradschool friends-group who I'm still more in contact with but who I miss just as much.

I say editorial. Maybe...polish-orial?
Anyway, here's a rough idea of what I want to put out for the next few months! So you know what you're in for, and so you can preorder if you want.


  • Dothraki Line added to the GoT Megaline
  • Sherlock Pt 2
  • Star Trek Part 1
  • Maybe some Adventure Time
  • Maybe Last Unicorn
  • Probably a set of the top 5 sellers of 2013
  • Probably a set of my top 5 favorite exclusives from last year's Polish of the Month Club


  • More for the Shippy Shippers Line. Right now I'm looking at: East End Boys / West End Girls; Mulder & Scully, Jane & Lisbon, John & Aeryn, and at least one from a book
  • Some more super heroes, to be determined, but probably some underrated X-Men, at least
  • A Gothic Lit Tropes line
  • The new Chinese Zodiac color, Year of the Horse
  • Some TBD Music-themed ones, at least a few of which will be Bowie


  • Spring colors for 2014
  • Legend
  • More for the Supernatural, Dresden and He-Man lines that so far are under-represented
  • Veronica Mars
  • Probably at least one from Egyptian Mythology
  • A few inspired by people I know

ALL OF THESE ARE TENTATIVE UNTIL THEY ARE MADE AND POSTED. Timing, muse, supplies, and whatever is going on in my life determine which I'll actually do, but most will be close to this list if not exact.

I'll post updates later, and in April I'll post the next batch of schedules!

What do you most want to see? What're you excited about?

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