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Friday, January 18, 2013

Long Time, No Post!

The holidays were predictably busy, but now that they're good and past, and as soon as I get paid, I'm ramping up for more!

Here's what you have to look forward to:

  • Winter Has Come, Stark House and Raven On The Wall will be my chilly winter collection, and, get this, I figured out how to make MATTEs! So they'll totally be matte. These'll be out sometime at the end of Jan or the beginning of Feb, depending on shipping--I'm out of tester-bottles and almost out of base! Madness, I tell you.
  • Shippy Shippers Collection Part 1 will be up in time for Valentines. I'll have Jaireth and Sarah, Buttercup and Wesley, Jess and Nick, and Dean and Cas. Because I wanna. Eventually, I'll add to that set, and it'll also spread out into an 80s movie set, a sitcom set, and a Supernatural set.
  • And there'll be the usual random Science Firsts, probably a few stand-alones as I come up with them, and maybe some random additions to other lines!
Going into March, I'll have:
  • Something for Neil Gaiman and ICFA, which I'll be attending this year, come hell or high water. (This will probably actually come out in Feb, since the conference is in Mar)
  • The Easter and Ostara spring-colors sets
  • And something for both Sherlock and Elementary for the 221b Con in April that I desperately want to go to.
So keep your eyes open!
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