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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Update on the Christmas and Hobbit colors, and the future

The stuff is on order and will hopefully be here on time, and even if I'm late on the Hobbit (it comes out sooner than I thought!), I'm putting it up.

The Hobbit:

  • Leaving the Shire - green
  • Dwarven Maile - steel grey
  • Shadow of the Dragon - smoke and fire
  • The Precious - darkened gold
The Christmas Line is unnamed as yet, but will be glitterbombs to glam up the holiday the way you should!

I've decided that for the New Years colors, I want to do a line based on Florence + The Machine songs--deep, rich shades with glitter, but probably not glitterbombs, and maybe flakies, depending on how I can get them.

Then, sometime in time for mid January, I'm aiming to do some rich, dark Downton Abbey colors. I mentioned that before, but I really want to do them!

Anything you guys would like to see?
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