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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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Useful if this is how you think, though often I don’t see the outline until after the draft is written, because after awhile one just internalize this kind of stuff from all the media one ingests. Point is, use if helpful, ignore if not.

This is EXACTLY how many shows on television plot their episodes, though it’s usually through a five act timeline:

1) Introduction to the characters and the mission/adventure.

2) Mission begins. Protagonist establishes cursory allies and foes. Some sort of complication to the plot at the end of Act II.

3) Protagonist and friends deal with complication of the plot. Gears up for another go at the goal, but falls short in some way, usually related to protagonist’s personal journey.

4) Critical information needed for climax is discovered. Protagonist angsts, then rallies.

5) The lead up to and the final resolution. 

Because studios sometimes require a 6 act break for extra advertising, the last coda is usually related to season arc/character development. But generally speaking, this is the structure a lot of screenwriters use.

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